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Offering marketing services for construction, manufacturing, industrial and building service companies.?While your company builds the physical things, let us build your digital presence and sales pipeline.


VisualFizz Builds is a sector of the greater VisualFizz brand that focuses on compelling, effective marketing strategies for brands and businesses that specialize in all things building, manufacturing, and industrial. Grit, persistence, and hard work required.

Industries VisualFizz Builds Serves

Building and Construction are vital to society and are excellent indicators of economic health and growth. VisualFizz specializes in supporting Construction, Facilities, and Management brands.

Precision and efficiency are as critical in digital marketing as they are in industrial manufacturing. VisualFizz understands the unique needs of manufacturing brands and helps them to reach the right audiences.

Industrial processes require certifications, knowledge, and expertise that doesn't come overnight. VisualFizz specializes in industrial branding and industrial marketing support and helps industrial brands to put their best faces forward when growing their brands and expanding their offerings.

From Real Estate to Building Management and everything in between, Building Services brands work diligently to ensure all buildings are safe, compliant, and efficient. VisualFizz has a deep understanding of Real Estate and Building Services needs and supports these needs in innovative, tech-forward ways.

VisualFizz has significantly enhanced our brand overall, which in turn helps grow our business and capture more leads. The quality of their work has been great thus far and they’ve done a great job of understanding and adapting to the unique needs of each of our offices, taking their time to research each individual market. They also provide a lot of valuable insight and feedback, trying out new ideas to help improve our digital marketing strategy.

Teri K.

marketing Coordinator, Rose PAving

We can be your industrial marketing partner.

VisualFizz Builds is a fully integrated marketing team that helps support the unique needs of industrial-based businesses. Whether it’s website development, content creation, branding, strategy, SEO, PPC, or marketing consulting, we’re here to lend a? helping hand to those that build up our world.?

VisualFizz Builds Clients

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Our Process

VisualFizz Builds was created to support the needs, challenges, and wins that are specific to the industrial, commercial, and manufacturing industries. Our hands-on processes and strategies are growth-oriented and results-driven. Before we begin working with any industrial brand, we get to know your business, your team, your brand, and the unique needs of your particular industry and application. VisualFizz bridges the gap between the physical, industrial world and the digital world.

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Their knowledge of different areas of digital marketing and creative approach to strategy is outstanding.

Andrea M.

Social media manager, Hu-Friedy

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